Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans, 250g (8.81 OZ)

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  • 100 percent roasted Arabica coffee beans
  • Storage Instructions - Packing Comes with Zip Lock Pouch & can be stored in the Same Pouch.
  • Ingredients- Arabica Roasted Coffee BeansShelf Life In Month - 12 Month
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Baarbara Berry Coffee brings you a Premium Filter Coffee concocted with a single origin Arabica. You are sure to enjoy the distinct soothing, gourmet coffee flavour that's unique to its products brought to you all the way from Chickmagalur, Karnataka.
I’ve purchased the beans twice. The first time it was medium roast and the aroma and flavours were comparable to the best roasted beans on the market. My recent purchase was dark roast and oilier and it tastes like cheaper beans like the ones you get in nearby roast house.
It is dark, not medium.
Strong aroma. Looks fresh and beans are of similar size. Not too much roasted nor less, perfect roasting.
Nice and decent coffee beans
If your looking for cheap beans then is good price. But it ends there. Not impressed at all with coffee. Flavour lacks intensity. Or you might just be tempted to say bland. After each sip you long for more coffee flavour and get disappointed. I tried both cold brew and French press , and brewing methods give same results. Wouldn't recommend this . Would rather spend more and go for other brands
Bland tasting Coffee
Umesh M Pujara
Not sure whether we are receiving freshly roasted beans through Amazon!
Good Coffee
kailash kasturi
It's strong fresh and authentic. Not sure about being 100% arabica but still strong flavour and smell. Worth buying
Good product
Ashish Sowane
I've purchased this coffee 2 times. The first time i received a batch that was more fresh compared to the second one. The aroma is nice but the flavour comes short when compared to other offerings like Blue Tokai, Barrell Beans, and Bombay Island but this is kind of expected at this price point. However, recently I purchased Bombay Island Coffee beans at Rs.300/250gm which I've found to have better aroma, flavour profile and freshness for a similar price. Moreover, Bombay Beans, ships freshly roasted beans, which in itself is a great value for the price.I've also tried the Continental Coffee beans which usually go around for Rs.350/500gm and they are in my opinion a better choice considering the value. They are on the medium-dark roast compared to these medium roast ones.I prepare my coffee in V60 or aeropress and consume black without sugar or milk. I like a full-body, nutty and chocolaty taste profile with some exceptions of toffee flavoured coffee. So i usually prefer a medium to dark roast.I would like to emphasize that coffee choice is very subjective and depends upon the way you prepare and consume your coffee and the flavour profile that you like.
Good coffee with decent value but inconsistent batches.
satish shinde
Good beans but had they been freshly roasted they would have tested better. Flavor not the best but just OK.
good beans
I've been a coffee lover for 25 years plus now. My favorite has been the Italian brands brewed the 'Expresso' style without milk and adding only sugar. Coffee for me tastes best that way provided it is a 100% Arabica. I get my Coffee from Europe from my travels. However this is the first time i have tried out Indian coffee beans. I would always grind it freshly just before i brew it. I ordered my first pack of Baarbara Berry. Once the pack arrived i ground it immediately in my coffee grinder. My reward was the rich aroma that flooded my kitchen. I prepared the brew. This coffee is just like its european version and authentic 100% arabica. I finished Off the pack in 15 days flat and with a lot of enthusiasm ordered for a second pack. The 2nd pack did come in promptly within a few days. However I was not greeted by the same fresh aroma of the previous pack. This pack was old stock. Hence i'm giving it 4 stars. Freshness is the secret behind any coffee. I may move on to some other supplier of 100% arabica.
The beans are not fresh in every batch
Yogeshree G.
Very bitter and burnt flavour.
Bitter and burnt

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