Barari Tunisian Dates 400gms Deglet Nour Dates Kurma Tangkai from Tunisia Tunisian Dates Tunisian Dates Original Barari Tunisian

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  • Dry Fruit Hub Tunisian Dates is high in nutrition which may contribute many of their health benefits.
  • Dates are high in fibre which may beneficial for control and .
  • It should be included in your diet as it can instantly the and help in your .
  • It is recommended to consume 20 to 35 grams of dietary fiber per day which can be provided by dates given their richness in dietary fiber that come in two soluble and insoluble forms
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Size:Barari Tunisian 400gms The dates are often called the miraculous fruits as the benefits of this fruit on human health are multiple and even proven through scientific studies. It is a fruit very rich in nutrients mineroligo elements and vitamins essential for the proper functioning of our body and for the several s
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