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Kerala Banana Chips 2 Kg (70.54 OZ)

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  • We use only homemade organic coconut oil for making our banana chips. Used oil will not be used again for making chips. Banana is selected from organic farms owned by Kudumbasree and other women led farming network of Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala
  • We remove the skin of banana and cut it into small pieces. Then we wash it in water to remove stains and other impurities on banana during peeling. Then we wash it in distilled water with turmeric and salt. This banana is kept for sometime to reduce water
  • We make our banana chips only after placing an order and once chips are made it would be shipped within 24-72 hours. Our Banan chips are home made and selected and trained women in our group making our banana chips.
  • No added preservatives; Food Essential is the more trusted brand and 100 % natural product without using any color and chemical
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Size: 2 KG :- Thank you for purchasing our home made banana chips online. Chips are the healthy and delicious way to enjoy a banana .We hope you are enjoying taste quality and affordability of our product. We assure you that we are selling only homemade banana chips prepared by selected experienced women members in our network. We use only organically grown coconut oil for banana chips making and one time used oil never use for next time. We make chips from organically grown bananas from our women networks. After collecting banana we peel it and slice it. We make them washed in distilled water mixes with organic turmeric powder. After two or three washes stains on peeled banana will be washed away. Then we make it dried to remove water on chips. We then fry it in coconut oil. Then allows to dry and pack it in a Natural way. We dont use plastic to pack chips. But in commercially made chips many unhealthy practices done like using cheaper vegetable oils instead of coconut oil. In most of the cases raw banana never washes or washes in turmeric powder.
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10 x 10 x 4 cm; 2 Kilograms
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2 kg
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